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Security Deposits & Setup fees   

  • No security deposit
  • No setup fee
  • No access pass fee
  • $100 admin fee applies for manual order processing


Contract terms/ Membership  

Memberships are issued at one per person, a business may have multiple memberships registered under the one account. 

  • 30-day term applies, and members may cancel at any time, however, there are no refunds available (Please refer to ‘membership cancellation’ for further details).
  • Members can start on the day subject to induction availability and must bring with them photo ID that will be sighted by a member of the Waterman team prior to their welcome.
  • One on one VIP inductions are available upon request at an additional fee of $75/hr.
  • Prior to members commencing their time with Waterman, they are required to watch the online induction video series and read through all Waterman OH&S policies. Members will then be required to sign off on a contract that states all induction videos and OH&S documents have been reviewed and understood. 
  • Members that have not undertaken the online induction process as stated above, will be required to complete the process before being welcomed into the centre. 
  • Following the induction process, all new members must enroll for a mandatory welcome meeting with a Waterman community manager .
  • All contract terms and cancellation fees for additional products are applicable upon termination of the membership.

Access Passes 

One pass included with the Membership. Each membership must be allocated to a unique user. 

  • Spare passes are not permitted.
  • Additional access passes cannot be purchased under the membership. However, a business may have multiple members under one account.
  • Standard access passes allow entry to Waterman centres during business hours (Mon-Fri 9am-5pm).


Sharing passes 

  • Sharing access passes with another person within or outside of the membership holder will result in immediate cancellation of the agreement with termination. Upon termination, any outstanding balance owing on the account will be immediately charged. 
  •  Any VAS (value added service) or Business Boost items still owing on the membership, will be charged in full for the stated contract period. 
  • Guests of members must always be supervised. Members are liable for any damages or incidentals caused by their guests during their visit to Waterman. 


Loan Passes 

  • If a member temporarily misplaces their access pass and requires a loan pass for the day, they can collect one from the Service desk. Loan passes are billed at $30/day. If pass is not returned by COB same day a $110 lost card fee applies.


Lost, misplaced or broken passes 

  • $110 per pass replaced.
  • Members must report the loss of passes immediately, failure to do so may result in termination if the agreement.
  • Members are responsible for all activity conducted with their pass until it is reported as lost.


Transferring Passes 

  • Passes can be transferred from one user to another individual under the same ABN. 
  • $40 transfer fee
  • Businesses may transfer one per pass per month (Businesses wishing to transfer more than one pass during the month must see the Waterman Service team for further details)
  • Pass transfers from one business (ABN) to another is not permitted. 


Business Hours Access  

  • The $30 Membership include access to all Waterman sites 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday.
  • $30 Members will not receive an after-hours access pass outside of these hours. 


After Hours Access 

  • If 24/7 access is required, members must purchase a Business Boost with after-hours access included. 


Facilities and Spaces  

Common Spaces  

$30 members have unlimited* access to hot-desks from any business lounges within business hours (9am-5pm) and in accordance with the fair play policy.

  • Common space includes areas like the Waterman lounges, kitchens and break out spaces. Members are not required to book these spaces.
  • Meetings can be held in Business Lounges. Members must understand and respect others right to use the spaces for their intended purpose. Members holding meetings in Business Lounges have no right to exclusivity. Lounges are shared spaces and members must respect others’ rights to use them.
  • Waterman advise booking a meeting room to host meetings rather than have a meeting within a common space. This is because privacy cannot be guaranteed within the common space.
  • Under the OH&S guidelines, Waterman do not recommend extended use of the business lounges as they are not classed as ergonomic spaces. Waterman take no responsibility for injury sustained as a result from utilizing non-ergonomically spaces for extended periods of time.


Meeting Rooms & Premium Workstations  

  • Meeting rooms & workstations must be booked at all times.
  • Hot desking from meeting rooms is not permitted unless the room has been booked by the user.
  • Meeting rooms & workstations must be returned to their original condition after use.
  • Cleaning fees will apply for rooms not returned to original condition.
  • Using meeting rooms or a premium workstation longer than the period the have been booked and overlap into another person’s booking will result in a $45 admin fee plus the cost associated with the relocated members meeting room.
  • Members need to be respectful of other members access to rooms and ensure the vacate the room on time.
  • Continued use of meeting rooms or workstations without bookings may result in a fee and/or termination of your agreement.
  • It is the member’s responsibility to understand all provided technical equipment and to come prepared prior to the booking time.


 Meeting Room Cancellation  

  • Bookings can be cancelled at any time. 
  • Cancellations are refunded in the form of credits if the booking is cancelled before the notice period detailed below.
  • A 5-minute cancellation window applies to all bookings when first booked which allows the user to cancel the booking and receive a refund of credits. The cancellation window applies to all bookings regardless of the notice period. Refunds are refunded as credits 
  • Transactions for the purchase of additional credits are not refundable 
  • Credits purchased in addition to your monthly included credits do not expire.
  • Your monthly allocated credits expire at the end of each month. 
  • Any booking made for a future month must be cancelled in the month you made the booking to be eligible for a refund; on the condition it is cancelled before the notice period. 


Notice Periods:

  • Economy Rooms: 24 hours 
  • Standard Rooms: 24 hours 
  • Deluxe Rooms: 72 hours 
  • Premium Rooms: 72 hours 
  • Function Rooms: 72 hours 


International Members 

  • Members must be an ABN or ACN holder or be an Australian Resident


Mail Collection / Sorting  

  • Mail sent through to Waterman for a member can be processed at the charge of a mail handling fee of $12/day plus storage fees (fees may vary depending on the size of the mail).
  • To reduce fees associated with mail collection and sorting, Waterman recommends that $30 members should purchase a business boost package which comes with a mailbox. 


Business Address 

  • Members cannot list Waterman sites as their business address or mailing address unless they subscribe to a package which includes a mailbox. All Google Listings mail will be returned to sender without notification unless the member has subscribed to the Virtual Office or mailbox 
  • Package. Upon cancellation of the mailbox product the member must provide proof that they have removed the listing from their marketing material, website and Google My Business. 



  • Parking is available at a PAYG rate subject to availability at Caribbean Business Park. 
  • Parking subscriptions are available at the Caribbean and Narre Warren centres and subject to availability and an additional cost. Parking at Chadstone if free for both members and guests. 



  • Printing is available at standard rates
  • 5c per black and white A4 page
  • 35c per colour A4 page
  • Value Added Services can be purchased at an additional cost
  • Unlimited Wi-Fi is included. See Technical T&Cs for further information


Bronze star reception service  

  • This is a PAYG reception service. Members are sent an email and text message when their client arrives. Members are billed $2 per notification (email and text).


Pausing Membership

  • Waterman does not allow members to pause their membership at any time. If a member is looking to pause their membership, they will be required to cancel their membership and then sign up once they are ready to reactivate their account.


Failed Transactions 

  • Upon failure of any direct debit transactions the Membership holder’s account will be suspended immediately. All users on the account will have their Network Access, Access Pass and Waterman Central access suspended. Members will forfeit their booked Meeting rooms and workstations with no refund whist the account is suspended. Members have 7 days to balance their account before permanent deactivation. 


Dishonour Fee 

  • Members will be charged a $20 dishonour fee for all failed debit transactions and will be required to pay the outstanding account within 7 days to have the account unlocked. Failure to pay will result in permanent deactivation of the account.


Account Reactivation (Only After Failed Payment) 

  • Permanently deactivated accounts will be required to pay an additional once-off reactivation fee of $45.00 on top of their $30 Membership payment. 


Membership Cancellations  

Members may cancel their membership at any time provided that they have not entered into a contract that includes a lock in period. Please note that most Business Boosts provided by Waterman have a minimum of a 6-month lock in period. 

  • Refunds – There will no refunds granted for the $30 membership. 
  • Upon cancellation, members must return their access pass on the day to avoid incurring the $100(+GST) lost/stolen/broken fee. 
  • Upon cancellation, members will also be charged on the spot for any outstanding charges made to their account. 

Membership Cancellations blackout period

Invoices will be sent out on the 1st of each month and will be processed on the 7th of this month. Members understand that if they cancel during this period, they will be charged for that month, but will not be charged for subsequent months following this period. 

For example, if John Doe is to cancel his membership in September and provides notice on the 2nd of September, he will still be required to pay September’s invoice as the bill has been issued. He will, however, not be charged for October. 

To avoid being charged for the upcoming month please provide notice at the end of the previous month.

For example, if John Doe was to provide notice of his September cancellation at the end of August, he will not be charged for September. 


Business Boost Cancellations 

  • All Business Boosts are a 6 month contract from the date of purchase.
  • All contract terms and cancellation fees for additional products are applicable upon the termination of the membership. A member must maintain an active membership to access their VAS.

  • Please note that business boosts where the minimum contract term has been met can be cancelled during the month, however, will be charged to the end of that month. 


No Warranty as to Suitability   

  • The Client agrees and acknowledges that: (a)The Waterman Business Centres, or anyone acting on behalf of The Waterman Business Centres, has not made any representation or warranty as to the suitability or adequacy of the product, the Services or the Furniture and Equipment; and (b) it occupies the product and uses the Services and the Furniture and Equipment at its sole risk.



The Client indemnifies The Waterman Business Centres, and each person claiming through The Waterman Group, against any liability or loss arising from, and costs incurred in connection with:

(a) the Client’s act or omission or that of its employees, contractors, agents, customers or visitors; 

(b) a breach of this Agreement. The Client must pay or reimburse The Waterman Business Centres all costs (including solicitors’ costs on an indemnity basis) incurred by The Waterman Business Centres by reason of the Client’s breach of the Agreement. The client is required to always maintain appropriate public liability and property damage cover. The client is required to provide a certificate to verify this cover.


Waterman Amendments 

  • Waterman Business Centres reserves the right to make amendments of changes to the membership product with a minimum of 30 days’ notice.


24/7 Plans

  • A general access pass is included with a membership plan, this pass will be upgraded to allow 24/7 access to Waterman centres when a Business Boost with after-hours access is purchased. 

    An additional access pass may be provided to allow after-hours access to some buildings if required. This requirement will be valid for the home site of the membership holder, if an additional pass is required for a site which is not the home centre, and additional fee may apply. 

    Members must return their pass upon cancellation or a lost pass fee will apply.



  • Waterman is not responsible for third party directory listing such as Google, Yahoo or Bing accepting or denying use of a member’s mailbox as a primary business address on their directory.

    A mailbox must be purchased in order to receive mail at the centre of your choice. All mail addressed to a member without the inclusion of a mailbox will be rejected by our front of house team.

    Mailboxes at the centre of your choice are subject to availability and Waterman reserves the right to reject a customer’s order at our discretion. 

    Upon cancellation of a mailbox (or a product including a mailbox) the member must remove all listings of the address immediately. Failure to remove the address will result in a pay as you go fee for all mail received as a mail handling fee.


Business Phone Number

  • A business phone number will be provided based on the home location of the member will be given on the purchase of a Business Boost with this inclusion. Unlimited standard mobile and national calls are included; however, users must purchase a soft phone or handset in order to make outgoing calls. 1300 and other special numbers not included in unlimited calls and are charged at an additional rate.

All incoming calls will be automatically forwarded to a phone number of your choice, provided the call is being forwarded to a standard Australian number.

  • Phone numbers at the centre of your choice are subject to availability and Waterman reserves the right to reject a customer’s order at our discretion. 


Business Phone Number

  • A member of our local service team will answer your phone calls with the ability to transfer the call to you or take a message as required.

    Incoming calls are charged at $1.25/minute, calculated per second. 

    One business name is allowed per phone number, an additional phone number must be purchased if another business name is used.

    Members must provide a phone answering script and the contact details of the recipient. Call transfers will only be made to listed members. If a member wishes to transfer a call to an unlisted contact, an additional membership may be purchased to have the contact listed.

    A Waterman phone number is required in order to take this package. If a Waterman number is already owned, it can be used in conjunction with this package.


Business Phone Number

  • No credits are included as standard on a Waterman Membership. If a Business Boost with credits as an inclusion is purchased, these credits will automatically be applied to the member’s account every month. Unused credits will not roll over in to the next month, they will expire, and the new credits will be applied. 

    Credits which are issued as a refund are non-expiring and will roll over to the next month if unused.


Product Compatibility

  • Some Business Boosts require all members on the account to take up the corresponding product. This would include any Business Boosts with after-hours access included, or discounted credit rates. 


Bundle and Save Options

  • Business Boosts that are purchased in conjunction with a “Bundle & Save” promotion will have the following discounts applied: 

    2x Business Boosts purchased — $10/month discount.

    3x Business Boosts purchased — $20/month discount.

    Boosts can be added on to an active membership at any time while this promotion is live to receive these discounts.


 Networking group deals 

  • Please note that members applying for discounts or incentives through referral partners such as (Fresh Networking and Business Chicks) must not have previously held a membership with Waterman in the past. 
  • Please refer to the specified time limit of the incentive (if time limit specified).


Payment Authorisation

By accepting the terms and conditions prior to your payment, you authorise Waterman Business Centre to process the initial membership payment, an automatic monthly direct debit until you cancel your membership. 

  • Your membership will commence as soon as your subscription is processed, and you have undertaken your online and in person induction.
  • Your subscription will automatically renew each month without notice until you cancel your membership. By accepting the terms and conditions, you authorise Waterman Business Centres to debit you:

    • The cost of your monthly membership plus any taxes (GST) as all pricing displayed is GST exclusive.
    • Any additional products purchased during your billing month, such as Business Boosts additional meeting room bookings the cost of events or donations that you have added to your monthly billing.
    • Any once off fees or charges for cleaning or damages done to Waterman Business Centres property as a result of your or any visitor’s (client, family, friend, acquaintance) actions whilst in any Waterman Centre. You will be notified of any changes made to your account that are of this nature.
  • Any reoccurring charges will be debited from your account until you cancel your membership through returning your pass to our reception team or paying the fee for a lost pass.
  • If your initial payment is revoked, your membership will be terminated. We reserve the right to reject your membership subscription at any time.

Your Obligations

  •  It is your responsibility to ensure that there are sufficient clear funds in your available bank account to allow a direct debit.
  • It is your responsibility to notify Waterman Business Centres of any changes made to your billing details.
  • It is your responsibility to check your account statements to verify that the amounts debited from your account are correct and to notify Waterman Business Centres if you believe that you have been billed incorrectly. To do so, please email for clarification.

  • Waterman Business Centres will not refund past membership payments, business boost or additional credits if the membership holder fails to notify us in the event of a cancellation.

Outstanding charges upon cancellation of membership

  • Upon the cancellation of your membership, we reserve the right to settle any charges that have been incurred during the month to your bank account. These charges include additional Waterman credits, the outstanding contacted amount to any purchased business boost (all of which have a 6-month minimum commitment term), event ticket or donation contributions made during the month.

  • Your obligations to stand as a membership holder until your final charges are settled. You accept and understand that cancelling your card that Waterman charges without notifying us is a failure to uphold your agreed upon obligations as stated in the terms and conditions. Failure to uphold your agreed to obligations will result in Waterman pursuing action to retrieve the outstanding funds owed to us.